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10 Foods That May Trigger a Migraine



Alcohol, cured meats, and aged cheeses all might bring on one heck of a headache.

diet migrain opener

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Diet and migraines

by Maria Masters

As if migraines weren't awful enough, it can be downright overwhelming to sidestep all the things that could set off an attack. Problem is, food triggers not only vary from person to person, but much of our knowledge about them comes less from carefully controlled studies and more from observing patients, explainsLee Peterlin, DO, the director of headache research at Johns Hopkins University.
Before you cut out every one of these items from your diet, here's something to keep in mind: Fasting or skipping meals can be an even bigger migraine trigger for women, says Dr. Peterlin. So just keep that advice in mind as you go through this list, then turn to your fridge. (Though you might want to reconsider that charcuterie…)

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