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The Best Things You Can Do to Ease Your Constipation



What To Do for Constipation

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Updated October 05, 2015.

Whether you find yourself dealing with occasional bouts of constipation or the chronic health conditions of constipation-predominant-IBS (IBS-C) or chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC), you know the distress of having bowel movements that happen infrequently and are made up of stools that are small, hard, and painful to pass. Gas and bloating usually come along for the ride. You may find that you are straining and that you end up with a sense of incomplete emptying.

So frustrating!

Constipation occurs when the contractions of the colon are too slow, which causes too much water to be drawn out of the stool, and results in infrequent bowel movements. Why this happens is not always clear. What is clear is that there are certain things you can do on your own to try to ease your discomfort and get things moving again! Some of these things are based on science, while some are based on common sense or folk wisdom. Don't skip the last slide - it will offer you articles that will provide you with in-depth information related to many of the recommendations.

Note: If you are dealing with constipation on a regular basis, be sure to tell your doctor so as to obtain a proper diagnosis.

Let's start with a nice, pleasant recommendation...

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