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Muum’s D Cafe in Turkey is a flexible daylit space wrapped in recycled metal plates


D Cafe in Kocaeli Province in Turkey, a corporate campus for automotive importer Dogus Automotive AS, is an innovative cafe space wrapped in layers ofrecycled metal plates. Combined with large glass-to-ceiling windows, the metal skin frames a user-friendly social space where the company employees can interact and socialize. Istanbul-based design firm Muum designed the building as a flexible space that blends the border between inside and outside, to give employees a dose of nature while relaxing.

Through the use of an integrated design approach, the architects created a consistent visual and formal language that makes the facade and the volume of the building appear as a unified whole. One of the most notable design elements is the building’s transparency, which draws natural lighting into the interior and provides a direct connection with the outside.

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Perforated anthracite metal plates were arranged in a rhythmic composition and frame the volume of the building, the interior of which looks like it extends into the landscape and the green space in front of the structure. Simple and striking, D Cafe dominates its surroundings and functions as an essentially extroverted space in its more subdued surroundings.

+ Muum

Photos by Anday Bodur


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