quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2015

Incredible Images Show The Bond Between Endangered Gorillas And Their Caretakers


On July 24,2007 five members of the Rugendo family were cold-blooded murder on what to become the darkest hour at the Virunga’s park. This horrible act emphasizes the need to constantly protect Virunga’s gorillas and other wildlife. The park did some significant changes to its security after that event and in the next few years was able to protect the remaining Gorillas on site. The success of recent years is due to a dedicated ranger force that protects the gorillas while risking their own lives. These brave men are doing an amazing job and would not be possible at all if not for the help of individuals and organizations from around the world that have supported the park over the years. We thank these brave rangers by showing you these incredible pictures below and hopefully increasing awareness to this issue








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