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Gorgeous calabash lamps transform any room into magical otherworldly realms



Why settle for a normal light when you can have one that transforms your room into a dazzling piece of art? Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński’s stunning sculptural lamps do just that, using tricks of the light to project magical shadow patterns onto walls. The Łódź-based artist handcrafts each unique lamp from dried calabash, or bottle gourds, that he intricately carves into shapes that create dazzling otherworldly atmospheres when illuminated at night.

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Originally an engineer, Krawczyński started making calabash lamps after he came across the gourd fruit in 2009. The calabash is a vine grown for its gourd fruits that can be harvested when mature, dried, and used to make utensils, containers, and other products. Although there are many varieties of gourds that grow around the world, Krawczyński chooses to carve his lamps from the round African varieties.

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The beautiful calabash lamps are intricately handcrafted, from the initial sketches to the gourd processing and construction of the wood lamp base. “By day my lamp is a unique sculpture, while at night the light breathes new life into that sculpture, seeping through intricately carved wood and passing through thousands of holes,” says Krawczyński. “Flowing shadows fill the space and cast the patterns on the surrounding surfaces, which turns each interior into scene for breathtaking spectacle.” The unique lamps can take two to four months to complete, depending on the pattern and size.

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