sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

Videotaped interrogations: a matter of perspective



What if there were one simple trick to presenting a police interrogation video that would make people more likely to believe a confession was voluntary--or coerced? Research by Ohio University psychology professor G. Daniel Lassiter indicates that one actually exists. When the camera is focused on a suspect--the interrogator either is nowhere in sight, or only his back is visible--viewers are more likely to believe that any self-incriminating statement is voluntary. That perception persists even if the interrogator coerces or threatens the suspect.
But take the simple step of moving the camera, positioning it so that both the interrogator and suspect can be seen in profile, and the exact same interview can leave viewers with a much different impression. Using that alternate camera angle can eliminate the sort of bias that can lead to wrongful convictions. Lassiter provided NSF with more insight into his work.

Credit: NSF

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